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Hi. My full name is Glady Mae Indino Calumpang. I am studying BS Nutrition and Dietetics. I love my family so much. I have a lot of friends who I can count on. I am a Latter-day saint. I am a daughter of God who loves me a lot. I am foodie. I am happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. I over think a lot. I am simple. I love hugs and I love giving hugs. I sing like a pro. I play guitar. I love cupcakes. I love life. I am in love with someone who is far away. ♡

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God bless you all the time. Know that He is always with us. XX

Pinarebond ko na naman ang hair ko po
 Haha ♡
So, we are about to finish the race!! Hihi these are my Best Friends though. Through thick and thin. #pictorial #graduation #nutrition #dietetics #lds #mormon #bestfriends


I miss you, B.

Just wondering where is he now. I can’t stop thinking about him. Whatever the reason is, I know for sure, he is happy. And I am happy too.