MeyLovesCupcake ♫♪

Hi. My full name is Glady Mae Indino Calumpang. I am studying BS Nutrition and Dietetics. I love my family so much. I have a lot of friends who I can count on. I am a Latter-day saint. I am a daughter of God who loves me a lot. I am foodie. I am happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. I over think a lot. I am simple. I love hugs and I love giving hugs. I sing like a pro. I play guitar. I love cupcakes. I love life. I am in love with someone who is far away. ♡

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God bless you all the time. Know that He is always with us. XX

So, we are about to finish the race!! Hihi these are my Best Friends though. Through thick and thin. #pictorial #graduation #nutrition #dietetics #lds #mormon #bestfriends


I miss you, B.

Just wondering where is he now. I can’t stop thinking about him. Whatever the reason is, I know for sure, he is happy. And I am happy too.

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